Colorado Veterans Kids Fund


The Colorado Veterans Kids Fund is a program of the Department of Colorado. A special fund has been set up to  disburse funds to those veterans who need immediate assistance for basic subsistence needs.

The veteran applying for funds must have served in any of the United States branches of service during with such service to have taken place on or after December 7, 1941 and must have minor children living in the household.

Active duty veterans and current serving National Guard and Reserves members with minor children in the home are also eligible provided that assistance has been applied for from their branch of service through the Family Support Group on base.

Documentation must be provided to prove eligibility. Those documents can include DD214, VA statement of service, military orders, or other official proof of service and type of discharge if applicable.

The CVKF is strictly for the basic needs of minor children in the household including shelter, utilities, food, clothing and medical needs, including prescriptions. Medical grants for surgery or other procedures must be approved prior to the treatment and must be accompanied by a physician’s statement with an estimated cost.

The CVKF will not pay for: cable, consumer debt, Internet service, insurance, taxes, vehicle repairs or payments, previous debt or any expense that does not contribute to the active basic needs of minor children.

Additional documentation will be required to substantiate the need for funds. Those documents may include; marriage certificate, birth certificates, proof of custody of children, court documents of any name changes of the applicants, sources of income and other documents requested by the committee to substantiate the need for funds.

All decisions of the committee as to disbursement of funds will be final. The committee will maintain additional reference sources for those they cannot assist.

You can find the application here:

Colorado Veterans Assistance Guidelines

 Department of Colorado:

Veterans Assistance Fund (VAF) Colorado Veterans Kids Fund (CVKF)

Temporary Financial Assistance Fund (TFA)

We do have funds to assist Colorado veterans through our Colorado Veterans Assistance Fund (VAF), Colorado Veterans Kids Fund (CVKF) and the national Temporary Financial Assistance Fund (TFA).

The funds do have requirements in order to apply and are a ONE TIME ONLY offer.

VAF requires: (link here)

  1. VAF form
  2. Veteran’s ID (either VA card or Driver’s license & DD214)
  3. Fund is limited to a maximum $150.00 for either rent or
  4. Payment is by check made out to either landlord or utility
  5. We can reimburse your Post for up to $150.00 for assistance you provide a veteran with submission of the above form paid by check to your


CVKF requires: (link here)

  1. CVKF form
  2. Veteran’s ID (same as for VAF)
  3. Identification for veteran’s minor children living with the
  4. Fund is currently limited to a maximum of $250.00.
  5. Payment is by check made payable to landlord or utility
  6. We can reimburse your Post if you provide direct assistance to the