Commander’s Corner

Commander Chip Kossow

A Better America

National Commander Oxford’s vision statement is “Veterans strengthening America”. The Legion does that through our programs by promoting American values, family and community engagement, honoring our predecessors, mentoring our future, and embracing selfless service. The Legion’s preamble, 10 simple clauses, can be a guide for a better America for everyone.

The first clause, For God and Country,We Associate Ourselves Together… God guarantees all people the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Even if someone isn’t religious, these rights should be recognized for all people. As Americans, we must unite for the sake of our country.

The next 3 clauses talk about enforcing our way of life. First and foremost, the Constitution is our Nation’s supreme law guaranteeing liberty, justice, and democracy. Upholding law and order are required to maintain our individual freedoms. Americanism embraces and supports freedom, individualism, equality, decency, and respect. Our laws and Americanism are antithetical to hatred and intolerance.

Remembering, honoring, and preserving our history and the principles for which we stand are covered in several more clauses. We must know all of our history and understand what was right and what was wrong in order to keep our nation moving towards a better way. Destroying symbols of history won’t change it. Then the preamble talks about teaching other Americans and especially our youth the importance of freedom, individualism, equality, decency, and respect. How we are duty bound to Combat forces that threaten these principles. Safeguarding all we hold dear for future generations.

The last clause, To Consecrate and Sanctify Our Comradeship by Our Devotion to Mutual Helpfulness, is the ideal to make legitimate or declare holy our common aims to help others. Not just for ourselves, but all of America. We must live these values and they will spread throughout our communities and the whole of America.

Veterans strengthening America.

God bless our veterans, their families, and the United States of America!


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