Team Colorado,

You have stepped up to the challenged that was placed before us last August of a membership goal of 21,119 members for Colorado and we surpassed that as of today the 100% target date of June 17, 2020 at 21,349 members 101.089%!!! Thank you for all your hard work. All our Posts, Districts, Department Staff, Post Membership Teams, District Membership Teams and our Department Membership Team lead by your Senior Vice Commander Greg Jackson as Commander of this great Department I say THANK YOU!

This HUGE accomplishment has not been achieved since 2014, PDC Carol Kennedy was our Department Commander and her theme was “Igniting Patriotism”~ Seems to ring a bell, we did it this year as my theme as

“Re-Igniting Patriotism”

Our 2021 Membership year is about to kick off and I know with your hard work and dedication just like this year that we will be able to do it again. We have worked hard and you should all be proud of your selves and your teams. So when you see a fellow Legionnaire make sure that you thank them for their service, their membership and welcome them home. Thank you goes a long way in our great organization.





Dean Noechel Department Commander 2019-2021


Commander’s Corner

Commander Dean Noechel

American Legion Family,
I would like to share with you some of the great things our Legion Family is doing here in Colorado. American Legion Family members in Pueblo have been supporting the Community Living Center in Pueblo at Oakshire with supplies and face masks. This was put together by American Legion Post 2. They have been in support of the CLC in Pueblo for many years and continue to support them during this difficult time. American Legion Neal Thomas Jr Centennial Post 209 raised over $1000.00 in a few hours to support the active duty soldiers of the 407th AFSBn to help them protect the soldiers and civilians with face masks. They supported the quarantined unit with supplies like laundry soap pods. Post 209 also set up a virtual food drive online to collect monetary donations for Care and Share.

American Legion District 1 in southeast Colorado stepped up to deliver supplies to the firefighters that was working the Bent’s Fort Fire this last week. They provided water, chap stick, sunscreen, cliff bars, cereal bars, wipes, eye drops, large trash bags and many more items. What is your Post or District doing in support of the community or Veterans? Please let me know by sending via email at You may be wondering what your Post or District can do to assist in your communities. Here are some great ideas for you to consider.


Department Convention Cancelled

Date: 17 April 2020

Dear American Legion Family,

In this time of uncertainty, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the 2020 Department of Colorado Convention has been CANCELLED. In accordance with Article IX, Section 4 MEETINGS, an email was sent to the voting members of the Department Executive Committee (DEC) on April 15, 2020, to vote on Resolution 1, to cancel the Department of Colorado 2020 Convention to be held at the Hotel Elegante in Colorado Springs, CO, June 25-28, 2020. The Resolution passed by an overwhelming majority vote. This Resolution also included following our National organization’s lead and recommendation to leave all elected and appointed department officers in place for the coming year and recommends the districts do the same. This includes all committee chairmen and committee members.

The Finance Committee discussed all travel for Department Staff and Officers, and it was recommended that the Commander and Adjutant work together to establish the travel guidelines for the future. The Training and Education Conference has been cancelled until it is determined that it is safe to resume activities. The 2021 convention will be at the Hotel Elegante, in Colorado Springs with Ovie Vernon Post 2 Pueblo, Colorado serving as host.


Purchase a pin now and support the Colorado Veterans Assistance Fund! This fund was created to give immediate assistance to Colorado veterans in need. It fast, fair and red tape free, thus getting the assistance to those in greatest need faster! We veterans are stubborn, we have a hard time ever asking for help, this gives the relief where it is needed when the veterans finally ask for help.
How about sponsoring a Police Department, Emergency Room or Fire Department with a catered dinner. Coordinate a blood drive for those that are in need of blood transfusions. Another great idea is a food drive for your local food bank. I know that some have enough food items but they need monetary donations. Can your Post help your community?Are you out walking in your community or neighborhood? Let’s not forget to recognize our friends and neighbors that are flying the American Flag every day and I encourage you to take down their name and address and get them a certificate of recognition and Thanks. Do you have homeless Veterans in your community? How can we assist them in this time of need? Are you planning a big event in your community for after the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions are over?

The Colorado Veterans Assistance Fund and The Colorado Veterans Kids Fund are available for our members if they need assistance. Please get our members the immediate assistance they need and we can get you reimbursed. This fund as always needs donations to ensure we are able to provide the assistance at the time of need. If your Post or District has donations, please get them mailed into Department Headquarters as soon as possible.

As our SAL Detachment Commander Nick Arceo says, “You can Make a Difference!” Colorado American Legion family, please keep up the great work and activities you are doing during this difficult time and share your stories and successes with everyone. We want to know what you are doing. You are truly the ones that are making a difference in Re-Igniting Patriotism as we build the Foundation for The Future!

Dean Noechel
Department Commander

All of our Colorado Posts need to continue the mission of this great organization. This can be electronically, mail or small meetings. You are a vital part of our organization and service to our Veterans in our communities starts with you. We have to keep the communication going with our members as we go forward into the future. When we all work together as a TEAM we can accomplish anything. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do for our Veterans in Colorado.

We regret any inconveniences this may cause our members, but your safety and good health is our number one priority. Again, thank you for understanding the health and safety of our members must always be foremost in decisions we make.


Dean Noechel

Department Commander






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