Commander’s Corner

Commander Greg Jackson

This year I have been making an effort towards being transparent and forward in getting information out to Districts and Posts.  We have a year filled with opportunities to redefine who we are.  We are an organization built on supporting veterans, their families and working with the communities in which they live to create a better quality of life. 

I have visited many posts since I became Commander in September with some very positive results.  Many of those posts are extremely rural. I continue to include, in my status report, that if a post would like me to visit please do not hesitate to call me, or the office, and ask to schedule a visit.  I intend to make many more visits this year, but COVID-19 restrictions will determine much of that.  Traveling and visiting posts is still very much a main objective of mine, but since those visits have been restricted, I have been sending out a Status Report on a regular basis. The status report is distributed to all districts and posts via email.  My intent is to relay some helpful information that will help keep everyone across our state informed and updated consistently on many issues.

Training for Dues Direct Processing has been delayed due to a software change at National. The new platform was to be integrated in November and we were planning on using it on 2 January 2021. As with any software conversions there will be problems so please be patient as national works thru those.  This is a positive for us since we will be learning the new system. It is expected to be completed around March 2021. The new look of will be similar, but many functions will be somewhat different and will require retraining. The new training will be available online. Once it is available for use the current access will no longer work and new passwords will be issued. Training information will be available as soon as we receive it from National.  The new Platform, called Personify 360, will provide us greater flexibility for posts leaders to access and set it up at their convenience.

We are still promoting the flying of the flag with “Keeping the Flame of Patriotism Burning” theme. Certificates are available. Just call Pat Smith or myself. I have also created a certificate for law enforcement agencies called “Backing Law and Order”.  Attached with these certificates is a statement of why I feel this is very important for us to recognize these selfless organizations. You can have them digitally sent and printed or we will print and mail to you. Please let as many know about these programs as you can. I will also be working on Certificates to recognize our 1st responders as well.

Whenever we are presented with challenges and negative issues, we must seek how to turn those in positive things.  In addition to the previous statement, we are in the process of adding some new procedures in the area of our financial management. With the many motions to be discussed in this budget report we anticipate this will be the start of many improved changes heading to the future.

We have found that we can do more via virtual meetings. By working daily to improve how we do that will lead to better communication by incorporating live streaming and more social media platforms.  We are working on developing ways to incorporate these technologies for use in all our conferences and make them available to our members to participate when they cannot attend.

I ask and encourage you to please keep your focus on our mission, working the 4 pillars of Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Defense, Americanism and Children & Youth programs that directly benefit our veterans, families and children in our communities. Please send us articles on events and great things you are doing in your communities. 

Mostly, please help me “Keep the flame of Patriotism Burning”

Respectfully, Greg Jackson, Commander, 318-423-6722

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