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Commander Chip Kossow

Training and Education

This year’s Training and Education Conference will be held 0800-1700, 21 May at Post 1 in Denver. The cost will be $40 and include a bagel breakfast, lunch, dinner, and training materials. Programs will be the main focus with a few other timely sessions. The entire Legion family, from all levels, are encouraged to attend. A copy of the agenda has been sent to each District Commander and it is available on the Department web site at Please register by 11 May.

The conference is intended to provide knowledge of Legion programs for the Post, Squadron, and Unit members. While it is impossible to provide training on all the Legion programs in one day, there will be a good many covered here. Even if you think you have a good knowledge base, it is possible you could pick up some additional information about a program you thought knew.

I feel everyone should take a turn at running their Post, Squadron, and Unit. If you’re hesitant about a Post level position, start small with a program and work your way up. This conference will provide you some tools to be more effective. Every one of the instructors came up through the Post / Squadron / Unit and probably experienced the things you have questions about. They’re here to help you and this is a great opportunity to pick their brain. Also, the Department Training Committee has been conducting Training Tuesdays since last fall. Each of those sessions were recorded and are stored on in the training videos tab for you to view and use at your leisure.

Another great resource is The American Legion Basic Training. Which is an online course at that covers the history of The American Legion (and is free!). Come and join us in a day of comradery, information and idea sharing. Don’t let the words training or education Intimidate you. You joined the Legion to serve, so come learn some additional information to improve yourself and your Post and Unit. You may even find a new passion!

God Bless our veterans, their families, and the United States of America!

Chip Kossow

Department Commander





Chip Kossow elected Department Commander

I am honored to be your Department Commander. I serve for you, our members, and our Posts who are doing the Legion’s mission. I believe to be successful; we need to get our Post programs running at full speed. I’m here to assist you to that end.

The design of my pin reflects the honor of the Post’s mission – serving through our Programs! The pin is the shape of a medal to recognize your achievements in serving our veterans. The Colorado flag shows our pride in serving our communities in Colorado. The American Legion symbol is our badge of honor and service. The words “Veterans, Families, and Communities” are the focus of our programs within the parameters of the 4 pillars.

The additional benefit of the pin is that I ask for a donation to the Veteran’s Assistance Fund to receive one. This fund provides needed assistance to those struggling now.

Another small task for you to help out the Legion in a big way is to renew your membership now. Annually, we spend a lot of effort and money reminding our members to renew. This effort and money will be better spent on our programs. I further believe our membership will grow naturally when other veterans see our devotion and want to be part of our mutual helpfulness.

The shut downs are in our rearview mirror. It is time to get back to the vital mission of serving our veterans, their families, and our communities. Respect the precautions of others while reengaging your programs.

Reignite your Post!

Chip Kossow



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