Commander’s Corner

Commander Greg Jackson

Spring Growth

The electricity is in the air, or is it just April showers bringing  May flowers. Either way this is the time to start getting out and working our programs and finding those volunteers that will plant those plants then care and nurture them back to life.  We live in a new age of technology and with it comes new age challenges that are leaving many of our programs dormant and others just barely existing. If this continues those programs will eventually die to include many traditions that we have taken for granted over the years.  Spring is the start of new growth. Let us work together, roll up our sleeves and get to work. If we work together as a team, finding mutual improvements then those programs will grow, flourish and so too will our membership.

Let’s get out, take our post rosters and personally go visit with our veterans that we haven’t seen to include those that have signed up through DMS that live in our local area.  Believe it or not that personal visit goes a long way. Maybe make it a part of completing the new 100 Miles of Hope project for our National Commander. We have many members that have already signed up and have yet to renew. Get a listing from PNC Bock at Headquarters of those that are in your local area. Transfer them to your post and get them involved or at least invite them to a social/open house at your post. If you like, pick a nice day and invite them and their families to a potluck picnic and you can discuss how The American Legion can help veterans and the community with our programs. When you do this, please keep any negative views to yourself, whether about the Legion or current events. Encourage them with positive things that our programs can do to benefit our veterans, children, and communities.  

District spring conventions are scheduled, and our officers are ready to visit your districts. It has been over a year since the pandemic started, inoculations are increasingly available for those that chose to receive them with common sense hygiene, maintaining social distance and wearing face masks there is no reason why we should not socialize and start working our programs again. I also ask everyone to develop a Plan B for future event cancellations and be prepared to use it.  A good plan B was developed by our Oratorical committee giving Colorado the ability to successfully complete our Oratorical contest without interruption. Our Boys State Committee is working hard and determined to have the Boys State this year. Please get the word out to your student boys. Both junior and seniors will be able to attend this year.

We will have our annual Leadership Training May 14-16 at the hotel Elegante’.  If you are able to attend, please RSVP to our adjutant as soon as you can. It is important to have a head count.

As I conclude my article this month, I would ask you to work hard at “Keeping the Flames of Patriotism Burning.” If we give up, then the flame will die and so will The American Legion and what it stands for.

Thank You!

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