Commander’s Pin

Commander’s Pin




Our Country. I believe America is the greatest nation this world has ever hosted. I bleed Red, White and Blue! My love for this beautiful state of Colorado, where I was born and raised. Its beauty and diversity of climate and scenery makes it a paradise on earth.

Our Service, mine not only challenged me, but rewarded me with a career of good and bad memories that scared, as well as lifted my soul. I served in 8 countries and 15 States. Served in 2 wars, a decade apart. I was taught by brave leaders to become a motivated, focused and dedicated part of a team willing to give everything for the cause bigger than myself and to lead from the front. I served with the greatest men and women this nation has ever made.

Our Legion. Now I am a Proud Retired Soldier and I feel the need to pay back for all my Blessings while I continue to serve as a Legionnaire. My Legion Family has replaced my Army Family. I will pay back my country and work side by side with my Brothers and Sisters to fulfill the 4 Pillars of Service.

I will never go quietly, as I proclaim Loud and Proud,

I am an American, a Soldier and a Legionnaire!…HOOAH!