At this time of the year it is important to remember all of our servicemen and women who are away from their families protecting our freedoms in lands far away. I am asking our American Legion family members to reach out to the families of our deployed troops to be sure they can celebrate Thanksgiving  with food on the table and surrounded by love from their community. We pray to the Almighty that their loved ones will return to them safe and free from harm. On behalf of your entire department leadership and our dedicated department staff I wish for you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. Your is service, Department  Commander Tom Florez

‘An amazing success story’

Legionnaire: Home Depot is here to help

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A Salute To Our Colorado Legion Members

To Our Legion Members & Family: For God and Country As your Department Commander I had the recent opportunity to visit the Colorado Veterans Monument during the 25th Anniversary Ceremony along with PNC Tom Bock, in down town Denver, near the State Capitol Building. Tim Drago, Vietnam Veteran, started the group effort thirty two years ago with help from many other veterans including our Department Adjutant Pat Smith. Drago led all phases of development and the Colorado Veterans Monument was completed twenty five years ago.  (Read more)


War, Sacrifice and America’s Veterans By Dale  Barnett

While we can all rejoice this Veterans Day that the steady flow of U.S. casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan has slowed to a trickle, we must never forget the incredible sacrifice that America’s defenders continue to make on our behalf. A veteran of 14 combat deployments, his sacrifice is shared by four boys who are now fatherless and his wife, who became a widow far too early. But another important part of his legacy are the 70 hostages who were spared brutal executions by an enemy that is as ruthless as any that America has faced. The willingness to face pain and death so others can be spared isn’t unique to just the fallen. (Read more)

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