Walk for Veterans

Dale Barnett On Air at KEZW

On Air at KEZW

On Air at KEZW

On Air at KEZW

Hear Nt'l. Commander Dale Barnett talk about his walk for Veterans on Cruisin' 1430am

The American Legion provides life-changing assistance and guidance for veterans, military personnel, their families and communities in thousands of ways every day around the world.

Help comes in the form of personal assistance, cash grants, donated goods, disaster relief, labor, networking, volunteerism and advocacy.

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Tri-State 9/11 Tribute

 TRI-STATE 9/11 TRIBUTE SEPTEMBER 10, 2016 LAMAR, COLORADO Honoring All First Responders and Armed Forces, Past and Present for the amazing work they do for our communities and country.... read more

VA Medical Center Stands By System Worth Saving

American Legion to review Grand Junction veteran’s health care system. Nearly two years ago, a national crisis revealed scheduling scandals within the VA health care system leading to several veteran deaths. The National American Legion Office is now making a trip to... read more

A Message from our Commander

For God and Country………….and our Colorado Legion members. We all have experienced setbacks. Life throws us curves at the most inopportune time. A fellow American Legion member and friend, diagnosed with PTSD and other undiagnosed medical issues tells me that when he... read more

Parkinson’s Disease and Agent Orange

Veterans who develop Parkinson’s disease and were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service do not have to prove a connection between their disease and service to be eligible to receive VA health care and disability compensation. About Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, […]

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How I Hack The VA Healthcare System For A Great Experience

By: Tim Hudak I have been a VA customer since I left the Marines in 2009 and have had nothing but a fantastic customer experience. So, it pains me to see other Veterans having a rough time. I’ve always been curious as to why the outspoken majority on social media have complaints instead of praise […]

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Combat Veterans Get Telephonic Health Care Application Option

“Accelerates Enrollment of Combat Veterans; All Veterans to Get Option on July 5, 2016” The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today, March 16, 2016 that it has amended its enrollment regulations to allow Veterans to complete applications for enrollment in VV health care by telephone with the need for a signed paper application. The […]

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Sequestration Poses Biggest Threat to Readiness, Military Leaders Say

By: Lisa Ferdinando, DoD News, Defense Media Activity The biggest challenge to the military’s readiness is sequestration, military leaders said on Capitol Hill today, March 15, 2016. Sequestration is a provision of the Budget Control Act of 2011 that imposes across-the-board spending cuts if Congress and the White House cannot agree on more targeted cuts […]

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VA Proposes Removal of Three Leaders At Phoenix Health Care System

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today March 15, 2016, announced that it has issued notices of proposed removal to three senior officials at the Phoenix VA Health Care System. Today, the Department proposed the removal of Lance Robinson, the facility’s Associate Director; Brad Curry, Chief of Health Administration Service; and Dr. Darren Deering, Chief […]

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