For God & Country!

Best of health and well-being in 2016 to all our Legion members, Legion family and supporters.

A hat doesn’t make you a leader, it makes you a member. It is our collective membership that is the strength of our organization.

Our organization was founded on the ideals of a collective group of veterans. Our members and most of our Post’s here today in Colorado continue that tradition with great volunteer effort and service.

The actions of our current membership is honorable and quite significant. I convey appreciations with recognition to our membership and their service to our American Legion from Posts throughout Colorado.

This year I would like to encourage all to voice your opinion at the polls. It is an expression of our freedom as Americans and as many of our parents taught us, a profound civic duty.

In coming months we will work our Legion programs. We will soon participate in Oratorical and Boys & Girls State as a few examples of our programs of importance to our Colorado Legion.

Those actions of our members will reflect a sincere and true¬†effort to “Make a Difference” for our America. We need your help to increase participation and further our dedication to our organizations by your actions.

In four to five months Posts & Districts will also select new officers. We seek members who will be leaders of honest character and moral standing who will provide the action necessary to represent the direction of our members.

What is leadership? In part it is influence.

We need our leaders to speak on behalf of their membership and veterans they serve. We need leaders, by their actions to advance and promote their Posts and Legion programs.

We ask our leaders to learn and share their experiences and to educate others on the values of our “Four Pillars” and organization.

I ask and seek the efforts of our members to respect and support their leaders, especially their Post Commanders & Officers.

Let not disagreement nor division hinder our ability to work together. Let us choose to be Americans, of significant and influential quality, that by our actions we do and give our continued best to America.

God Bless America & our Colorado Legion members and family.




Tom Florez

Department Commander

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