Department Service Officers taking care of our veterans

On November 19 & 20, your Department Service Officers, Dean Casey and Will Davis took part in a VA Veterans Experience Acton Center Virtual event. The American Legions and the DAV were involved with the Department of Colorado Veterans Affairs (CVA). No other Service Offices (VFW, PVA, etc.) took part in this event. Dean and Will each had 17 Veterans to call in the two days. They used Ring Central which indicated to the recipient that the call was coming from the Washington D.C. VA office.

They started the calling at 9 am each day and had a list to contact each hour until 2 pm which was their last call.

Their goal was to call two veterans each hour with the call lasting about 30 minutes each. Out of the 34 contact names whey were able to contact all but 6 veterans. Three were already American Legion claimants and the rest either did not have representation or were represented by DAV or CVA.

They gained about six new American Legion Power of Attorneys out of the event. The intent of the calls was to ascertain what the issues were and what service the veteran needed. They were then transferred to the Washington D.C. VA and referred to either Benefits, Health Care or Cemetery to complete the call. Thanks to Dean and Will for taking care of our veterans with this important event.

Jimmie Johnson announces Legion 48 Challenge

NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson appeared on Fox & Friends to announce The American Legion sponsorship of his #48 Indy car, which he and Indy car veteran Tony Kannan will race in the 2021 season. Johnson urges fans to celebrate the new relationship by making a Giving Tuesday donation to the 48 Challenge to support The American Legion Veterans & Children fund. Learn more and donate at

Renew legion membership

The 2021 Department of Colorado Mid-Year Conference will be conducted as a Hybrid event this year.

Click here to access the full agenda.

On Thursday January 28 a Zoom conference will be conducted between 5:50 pm and 7:15 pm with training by Past Department Commander Robb Smith and Terri Clinton, followed by a breakout session for post chaplains conducted by our Chaplain Stan Hamamoto. Here is the link to the Thursday Zoom
Meeting ID: 836 2272 0434
Passcode: 725294
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+13462487799,,83622720434#,,,,*725294# US (Houston)
+16699009128,,83622720434#,,,,*725294# US (San Jose)

On Friday January 29 the Zoom conference will start at 5:50 pm and will include reports by various committees. the Oratorical Committee will conduct a breakout training session during this meeting.. Here is the link to the Friday Zoom.
Meeting ID: 875 3886 9025
Passcode: 807047
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+16699009128,,87538869025#,,,,*807047# US (San Jose)
+12532158782,,87538869025#,,,,*807047# US (Tacoma)

On Saturday begins the hybrid part of the conference. The conference will open with a live audience at the Elegante Hotel in Colorado Springs at 8:00 am for reports. Under COVID restrictions we will be able to permit up tp 50 people to attend this in person conference.  After lunch the Boys’ State committee will host their annual training conference as the kick off for the 2021 Boys State program. Baseball will also hold a training session on Saturday afternoon beginning at 1 pm. Both of these sessions can accommodate up to 50 people. If you plan on attending any of the Saturday events please RSVP your attendance to Commander Jackson at and indicate to him which session you will attend. Here is the link to the Saturday Zoom portion of the conference.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 891 9248 4593
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With the coronavirus forcing social distancing and stay-at-home orders, all American Legion national events have been canceled throughout the summer. This includes what was going to be the 15th annual American Legion Legacy Run – the primary fundraiser for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. Through the efforts of the American Legion Family, spearheaded by the Legion Riders – five of the previous six Legacy Runs have raised more than $1 million for a fund that since 2004 has awarded $3.6 million in aid to 401 military children of the fallen and disabled.

Donate to the Legacy Fund

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to riding with all of you next year.


Invite newly eligible veterans to serve with us

On July 30, 2019, the LEGION Act was signed into law, which extended the ongoing declared period of war back to Dec. 7, 1941. The act paved the way to honor thousands of veterans

who were killed or wounded on duty during periods not previously considered wartime.

Notably for The American Legion the LEGION Act — Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service Act — filled in the gaps of membership eligibility. What that means for us is that any veteran with an honorable discharge who served since the day Pearl Harbor was attacked is now eligible to join The American Legion.

For these newly eligible members — roughly 4.2 million — it means they can now join the nation’s largest and most influential veterans service organization and enjoy the rewards of membership. National Commander Oxford

But many of these now-eligible members don’t yet realize they can join. They have tried to sign up in the past, only to learn they were not eligible due to the previous definitions of war periods.

So, it is up to us to spread the word and let these deserving veterans know that we are now allowed to welcome them into our family. As you reach out to these non-members, visit to search for and read the article “11 things you need to know about the

LEGION Act.” But communicating with these eligible members is not limited to just today or this week. Invite eligible members to your Thanksgiving or Christmas event at the post or elsewhere in yourcommunity.

What a wonderful opportunity to welcome them and demonstrate how we continue to serve our great nation, states and communities. And now, these newly eligible members are not only able to observe the great community service we provide, but they can serve with us.

For God and country,

Bill Oxford

National Commander

Colorado American Legion Posts in Action

Read here

Buddy Checks

By: Chip Kossow, Sr Vice Commander

The holiday season is back and there are so many things to enjoy this time of year. But how are your buddies doing?

Not everyone is feeling the blessings of the season. Add in the social unrest, governmental dysfunction, and the social distancing isolation, its, a wonder we’re all not sitting there with our head in our hands. One thing is certain; Hearing from a friend can help.

The Buddy Check program is designed for Legionnaires to make contact, engage in conversation, assess risks and direct veterans in need to the appropriate services. Buddy checks have been an official thing within The American Legion since the National Executive Committee passed the Buddy Check Resolution in the spring of 2019. It was originally designated for the week of The American Legion’s birthday, 15 March and Veteran’s Day, but should be used whenever it is needed – like now. Veterans are more susceptible to depression and this time of year can exacerbate the problem. Veterans are more receptive to other veterans. Especially the veterans they know or at least from their own town. Posts should organize the effort for maximum effectiveness. Gather up a team, divvy up the list of members, and start making connections. The key is listening to the veteran.

Be prepared to answer the many possible questions about healthcare, community functions, financial assistance, meetings, or membership renewal. You may need to research details and get back to them. When the call is complete, ensure you thank them for their time and leave contact info for future use. The American Legion has a free tool kit available for download at

The American Legion is also asking you to contact Congress in an effort to unanimously pass the Buddy Check Week bill. The legislation will require VA to establish a “Buddy Check Week,” as well as provide educational opportunities, materials and references for veterans to learn more about how to conduct personal wellness checks.The bill also compels VA to expand resources for the Veterans Crisis Line to handle any potential increased volume during the designated week. Go to to get contact information for your area. God Bless our veterans, their families, and the United States of America!

Stay in touch!!!

January 2021

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Know Your benefits


Filing for VA Benefits Prior to filing for any VA benefit, it is highly recommended the claimant consult with an accredited American Legion service officer.  The American Legion has approximately 3,000 accredited service officers to assist you.  To locate a service officer, please go to  Submitting all of the required information with the proper claim form to VA may reduce processing time by as many as 120 days.  American Legion service officers are able to explain the claim process, help with the proper forms and required documentation for veterans and their dependents at no charge.

USAA is proud to be Preferred  Provider of insurance and Financial Services to The American Legion.

Please visit or call 877 699-2654